2018 Bouquet Subscriptions

Knowing where your flowers come from is something that most of us really don't take into consideration when we grab that $5 bouquet of imported, chemical coated and sometimes even dyed flowers. These flowers are grown in fields down in Colombia or Ecuador to name a few, they are grown in fields laced with toxic chemicals. These chemicals are to prevent bugs or any damage to the flowers while causing harm to the underpaid employees that work the fields.  These flowers are then packed and shipped in boxes, on a jet plane to the US floral distributor, who then will ship them via another plane, then automobile to the local florist.  The chemicals on the flowers never leaving the flowers, not to mention the fumes from the planes, plastic wrapped around the flowers, boxes and plastic zip ties that it takes to process these all.  

70% of the flowers that are sold in the United States come from these farms and are then are brought into our homes, not to mention that they were most likely cut and processed a good week (if not more) before they eventually get to your table.

Have you ever noticed that these flowers have very little smell, other than the chemical that is sprayed on them!

Here at Wild Blossom Hollow we do things the complete opposite - our flowers are sustainably grown, which means that they are grown without relying on toxic chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified seeds, or practices that degrade soil, water or other natural resources.

I take great pride in growing beautiful flowers that will fill your home with the scent of fresh flowers, bright colors and WNY textures that bring a little bit of my farm to your home. There will be zero chemicals used, so yes a little bug may say hello from time to time, but it is totally worth it!

The flowers are cut that day and placed in fresh water from our natural spring and then wrapped in biodegradable Kraft paper and can be picked up every Tuesday right here at the farm. 

Flower Farmer

2018 Bouquet Subscription

$150 | 5 Bouquets & 1 Winter Wreath


2018 Bouquet Subscription

$100 | 4 Bouquets Total