Wild Blossom Hollow - The Farm


What We Grow

Grown right here in Forestville, NY by Christy Muck - bloom dates are determined by Mother Nature.

Sometimes she can be a bit cruel so bare with me ;)

Here at Wild Blossom Hollow we do things the most natural way we can - our flowers are sustainably grown, which means that they are grown without relying on toxic chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified seeds, or practices that degrade soil, water or other natural resources.

I take great pride in growing beautiful flowers that will fill your home with the scent of fresh flowers, bright colors and WNY textures that bring a little bit of my farm to your home. There will be zero chemicals used, so yes a little bug may say hello from time to time, but it is totally worth it!

Early Spring

Early April - May


July - Late August

Late Spring

Late May - June


September - October