Summer Seasonal Bouquet Subscription


Summer Seasonal Bouquet Subscription


Fresh Cut Flowers During WBH Summer Season

Subscriptions Include:

Beautiful fresh cut seasonal flowers that are professionally arranged and hand tied in a lushes summer bouquet then wrapped in kraft paper for that flower market feel!

  • 1 Bouquet in July
  • 1 Bouquet in August
  • 1 Bouquet in September
  • 1 Bouquet in October
  • Flower Care Instructions
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Subscription Includes:

A beautiful, lush and hand tied seasonally inspired fresh flower bouquet.  Each flower is sustainably grown with pride and care here at Wild Blossom Hollow, which means creating these bouquets for the people in my surrounding community fills me with so much joy! 

The season will start in July, where you will receive your first bouquet filled with lilies, daises, lavender, scabiosa, foxglove, sweet peas and of course some of that lushes WNY foraged foliage. 

The second bouquet will then start in August, which is the start of our amazing sunflowers. This year we are expanding our sunflower fields and will now have around 15 different varieties and sizes of sunflowers! 

The last two bouquets will be for September & October and both be filled with all of the wonders of Fall! This includes our amazing and sought after dahlias, which we grow specially for bouquets and design, plus amaranthus, cosmos, zinnias and gladiolus. These bouquets poses vibrant colors, fall foliage and unique designs. 


Each bouquet will be picked up at the Farm on the second Tuesday of every month! I will send you a personal post card with all of your bouquet subscription information in the mail once your order is placed.  If you cannot pick up your bouquet that day it will be in our flower cooler waiting for you when you are ready.