Let's Start Sowing Seeds!!

Want to try sowing your own seeds??

Yes, it is that time of year when I start to go stir crazy and my mind is racing because my hands are not creating or in the dirt. Please tell me you all know how the winter blues funk feels and how excited you are for Spring! I can't be alone on this one? 

If you are like me and starting to get a bit stir crazy, maybe start a little project with me. I am now starting to sow seeds in my basement and encourage you all to maybe give it a go and start your own. 


To start you will need a couple good supplies, space that has a constant temperature as well as somewhere to hang a grow light or even a sunny warm window.
To get started you will need:
1. A grow light (Home Depot or Walmart has them locally..or Amazon ;) ) 
2. Heating Pad (one specifically for starting seeds as they like to be around 75 degrees when germinating)
3. Some good soil, preferably seed starting soil to help in the germination process
4. Seed starting tray ( I like to use 72's)
5. Good seeds ( I love Johnny's Seeds )
6. Water
7. Patience


Set up your potting station and let's being

First add lightly watered soil to each block of your potting tray.
Then gently place one seed in each block (do not cover the seed with soil unless it is stated on your growing instructions on the back of the seed packet)
Add a good inch of fresh cool water to your bottom tray (the tray that your 72's go in) and place your dome on top.
At this time you will place the tray on your heating pad and watch your little babies start to germinate.
Once you have about 50% of your seeds germinated (started to grow) then move your tray off of your grown mat and under the lights ( leaving about 1 inch space between the newly sprouted seeds and the light). Keep moving your light up as your plants grow.
Make sure you keep watering from the bottom or lightly misting your seeds from the top as they do not like to be watered overhead.


IMG_4715 copy.jpg

One last thing.

Before you just throw your newly planted/thriving plants you need to harden them by placing them outside for a couple hours a day for a good week or so. I start by putting mine on the front porch out of the direct sun and wind. I increase the hours they are out by an hour every couple of days. This is what works for me, but everyone does it differently...remember your plants want to grow! 

Cheers to Spring!! 

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