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for the love of flowers

Wild Blossom Hollow is more than just a flower farm and design company, it is a way to bring beauty into our little part of this world.

Why I started Wild Blossom Hollow

The year was 2014 and our household was full of little people that were slowly heading off to school. I had this vision of just spending my days in several fields of flowers - mainly just a massive row of roses. I had no idea that flower farming was even a profession and for a hot minute I believed that I invented the whole thing, reality - there are so many amazing farmers out there who have been paving the way before I was even born.

Everyday, that it wasn't below 50 degrees in WNY, I would take my 3 babes (Iris, Troy and Finn) outside and as they played - I would plant, trim and teach myself how to successfully grow whatever I could. My love for roses grew the strongest and the longing to have a large area of land so that someday, I would have my own little English inspired rose garden, filled with 150 lush organic inspired roses.

This love grew my want to create art with flowers in my little yard as well as with my hands. I started to study floral design in 2015 and fell in love with the textures, colors and the true art that is floral design. This love led me to Butley Priory in England to study with the fabulous Katie Davis of Ponderosa & Thyme and broaden my design skills as well as leaving me inspired.

Everyday I am inspired by the lush flowers that grow in the 2 acres of flowers in our fields. I am inspired by the purity of Mother Nature, but most of all I am inspired by the love of my community, brides, grooms and most of all my kiddos.

- Christy Muck