Stepping outside, and into Mother Nature's abundance of natural beauty that surrounds us all in which provides the purest elegance, a splash of green grace and the joyful color of the beautiful flower; is the beginning of every creation. 



Sitting down with couples, their families and friends have been one of my favorite things when creating flowers from Wild Blossom Hollow.


A subscription is a great gift that keeps on giving through the season or even for another flower lover like myself who wants fresh flowers all season long.

the farm

Choosing flowers for any occasion should be an experience and shared with friends, family members (yes children too as I have 3 busy bees of my own) or for your own pleasure. 

The warmth of the newly rising Spring sun combined with the cool soil creates some of the most adorned flowers on the farm.


With their dog Morrison in tow Lauren and Kyle were one of my first couples to set foot on the fresh new soil here at the farm. We walked the fields while Morrison dug for bones and hand selected each flower, some with meaning like the poppy for Kyle's boutonniere or the daisy for Morrison's collar wreath. The day ended with Kyle giving me a gallon sized bag of bullet shells, nuzzle on the leg from Morrison and a much needed and gracious hug from my new friend Lauren.  Their wedding day not only reflected them as a new couple but brought the joys of the new farm to life.  

Photography credit Lauren Louise Photography


The hot sun is now a statement in the WNY sky and the flowers are in full bloom on the farm in Forestville, NY.


Being a small, organically inspired WNY business owner herself, Alex and I thrived on each others creativity while creating her dream wedding with her kindhearted finance, now husband Nick. The couple were married on the hottest day in July and I swear their wedding party was hand selected from a NYC runway.  I still tell the story of how I was smelling of flower water and sweat while trying to hold my composure as I pinned each boutonniere on the handsome groomsmen and handed each stunning bridesmaid their bouquet.  By the grace of God the flowers stayed and the arbor design kept its shape and freshness in the humidity. This wedding like most others will always hold a special place in my heart.

Photography credit Nicole Mason



The dahlia continues to bloom while the days get shorter and the farm is starting to be put to bed from the following season. 


I would be lying if I said I have loved dahlias and their bright statement they bring to each piece; my love from them is new and it is a flower that I will continue to grow and design with. Kristina and Jeremy let me use my creativity and also showcase the beauty that is the dahlia as well as highlighting the ever changing WNY foliage when it came to their wedding day floral design. These two are always filled with laughter and I was so honored to be a part of their day as well as having on of my best friends capture it all behind her lens.

Photography credit Belle Idee Photography