Wild Blossom Hollow

forestville / New York

Wild Blossom Hollow


Welcome to Wild Blossom Hollow

Flower Farm | Small Flower Market | Organic Floral Design 


Wedding Designs

When designing any piece, I first walk out my front door to see what is in bloom for the season or even the day. I love working with fresh, sustainable grown flowers that are native to Western New York. 

Local Events

New this year I have added a small flower market to our property as well as a design studio large enough to have small group workshops.  2018 will again have several local events, plus the Flower Subscription.

Flower farm

Every flower you see is naturally grown from seed, bulb, bare root or plant. There are absolutely no chemicals used in the growing process. I take great pride in my little flower farm and love sharing them all.


earthy elegant designs


Stepping outside, and into Mother Nature's abundance of natural beauty that surrounds us all in which provides the purest elegance, a splash of green grace and the joyful color of the beautiful flower; is the beginning of every creation. 


I can't wait to work with you.